Indie Songs


Radio Stations Will Want To Check These Out..
We want to make it easier for radio stations to hear new Indie music. Listen to each track right here. If there is no Play now button on the DMDS send or  we are not on the mailing list we have listed the new Indie songs at the bottom. This list is new releases.

 Foxx Worthee “I’ve Never”

Brad Sims “Beer Drinkin’ “
Rebecca Rain “Back In The Hollow”
Tyler Gibert “Stains”
Shantaia Poulin “Girls Like Me”
Scotty James “My Car”
Jason Blaine “Back To You”
Jen Lane “This Life of Mine”
Beamer Wigley “Meteorite”
Dirt Road Angels “Make Me Wanna”
Justin LaBrash “Honeybee”
Steve Arsenault “Heart And Soul”
CAMBREE LOVESY “Story of My Summertime”
Kyle Dunn “Light A Fire”
Brea Lawrenson “Daddy’s Moonshine”
Ridin’ Shotgun “Don’t Call Me Tomorrow”
Peter James Band “Floatin’ Down The River”
Genevieve Fisher “Back Door”
Kym Simon “Myself To Blame”
 Paul Randy Mingo “Holdin On”
Punch Douglas “As Country As It Gets”
Casey May “Leave A Light On”
TJ Ruckus “That’s What I’m Doin'”
Mark Lorenz “When The Smoke Clears”
 Erin Haley “Summer Lovin’ “ 
Becca “Fool My Heart”
TwoShine County “Love On Fire”
Mikaila Cooper “Missin’ “
TrainWreckX “Country’s In The City”
Aaron C. Lewis “Ride On”
Alecia Aichelle “Country Life”
Shane Harluk “I Like You Best”
 Joan Kennedy “Yeeha Hallelujah”
ACES WYLD “Roll Like a Banjo”
Stephanie Rose “Did You Hear”
Shantelle Davidson “Faster Now”
 Mallory Johnson “Postcard From Tennessee”
 Domino “We Were Right”
Mabaleka “Light It Up”
Bruin “Dirt Junkie”
Tommy John Ehman “Drop it on You”
 Lauren Mayell “The Good Guy”
Dan Davidson “Found”
Jamie Woodfin “Letting Me Go”


Mandy Ringdal “Bobby’s Drums”
Runaway Angel “June”
Me and Mae “Feel Good Feelin'”
Mudslingers “Game of Life”


 Chris Henderson   “Strangers With Memories”
 Lisa Moen “Before Sundown”
 Stevie Jewel “Off The Market”
Karac Hendriks “(Blame It On My) Youth”
 Sandi Skye “Sew”
 Jackie Guy “There You Go”


Other new Indie Releases that either we have not been serviced with or don’t have a Play Now button on their DMDS send. Make sure we are on your DMDS sends by adding us here

Kim Ray “Before I Die”

Delaney Grant “Better”
Elsie Morden “Easier Said Than Done”