New Music


Jamie Warren
The Secret To Life

Jamie Warren is generally regarded as the most awarded independent country artist in Canada (Juno’s , CCMA ‘s and OCMA ‘s). Over the years he has released 56 singles from 8 studio albums, including a Greatest Hits in 2004. 

Jamie’s new single “The Secret To Life ” is the second release from his new upcoming 9th CD, due out this Spring. 


Gerry Gareau
Every last minute counts


No fear shooting right into a life as a Modern Country artist, after success as a condo builder and promoter in Montreal Canada, Gerry Gareau is choosing to build a music career with something to say, after gathering sincere ammunition  for songs from building and raising a couple of kids…
Releasing a positively solid EP called “Feet off the brakes” after receiving tons of spins and placements from radio stations across Europe and North America for the songs “Feet off the Brakes” and ” Every last minute counts”.


Gordon Lightfoot
Oh So Sweet

Canada’s most celebrated songwriter, and international folk legend Gordon Lightfoot has announced today his new album SOLO .  
The album sees seeing Lightfoot returning to the studio to release his first album of new music since 2004’s HARMONY .  The album showcases Lightfoot at his most pure, alone in the studio with his guitar.  The new album is heralded by the first single “Oh So Sweet,” which can be heard here.  SOLO will be available everywhere music is sold on March 20th .


Desiree Dorion

Beautiful People 

Desiree Dorion  grew up a mile and a half from the grounds of Dauphin Country Fest, one of the biggest outdoor music festivals in Canada. As a little girl she would ride her bike there when the festival wasn’t on, climb up on the stage, and pretend to play to the thousands of fans that come to watch big country music acts. In 2014 her dream of playing the mainstage came true.  
Desiree is set to release her fifth studio album on February 7th, 2020 with Break the Chain. Exploring the themes of poverty, resilience, breaking the cycle of violence, family ties and Jack Daniels.


Steve Gibson

Live Forever

Steven Gibson has been a workhorse musician around Saskatchewan for the past decade. After moving to Canada from the UK over a decade ago, he has had many achievements including several well-received radio singles as well as awards for his songwriting and musicianship. This latest single has already been a favorite amond his fans and has a deep personal connection for the artist:

I’ve always been conscious of how fast time goes by and how precious life is. So when I sat down to write “Live Forever”, I wanted to bring a positive message that we should cherish every moment like it might be our last.  Do the things that make you happy, surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you and live your life for you and yours! Let the haters hate and when you find love or joy in something or someone, grab on and hold it like you never want to let it go. After all nothing lasts forever and we are not long for this world so make every moment count. “Live right now”     


John Anderson
Grew Up On It

John Anderson is a Singer-Songwriter from Barrie Ontario. His passion growing up was baseball, until the day he picked up a guitar and started to sing. Then within a few years, he traded the bright lights of the ball field for the bright lights of the stage, and his musical journey began.

John entered and won several contests and showcases such as The Magna Hoedown, the Nashville North KICX FM contest, the Wasaga Idol, the Barrie Emerging Artist Contest, he won the Simcoe Readers Choice (for his great voice and stage presence), and he was nominated for Josie award (best vocalist any genre.)

Grew Up on It ” was released to live streaming sites on December 17th 2019 and is Anderson ‘s first foray into Canadian radio. From fair play to airplay John Anderson is using the skills he learned on the ball field; passion, patience and intensity to make is mark in Canadian country music.


Hot Country Knights
Pick Her Up (feat. Travis Tritt)

Dierks Bentley is fronting a “new” Country band, Hot Country Knights . His band wears 90s country music inspired outfits and have alter-egos . In other words, it’s a throwback to 90s country music with quite a bit of edgy perspective. The band opened Dierks’s concerts last year, as well as performed at his music festival, Seven Peaks. 


Tenille Arts
Somebody Like That [Cancon Version]

Tenille Arts profile and exposure is exploding…. with over 31 Million lifetime streaming plays (and rising fast), and a digital audience of over 250,000….(she even sang the Canadian National Anthem for an audience of over 20 Million during game 3 of last years’ NBA Finals!) Tenille is poised to become Canada’s next big export on the country music scene.

The original version of this song does not qualify for ‘cancon’ status …  but recently Tenille took a break from her US Promo tour to make a special trip up to Canada to re-record the song with Jason Barry and Barrytone studios